TVA and MLGW Partner in Service for MLK Day

Frigid temperatures could not chill the warm hearts of volunteers in Memphis during 2019 MLK Days of Service.

JANUARY 23, 2019—To honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his lasting impact on the city and world, approximately 70 volunteers from TVA and Memphis Light, Gas and Water (MLGW) Division bundled up and took to the streets of South Memphis to distribute LED lights and other energy efficiency items.

Few in number but big in heart, TVA volunteers included customer service manager Brian Smith. EnergyRight Solutions program manager Aulton Greene, regulatory analyst Jason Sparkman and energy utilization and marketing program manager Shana Woods.

“Community service is like giving your community a big hug by showing that you care,” said Woods.


Volunteers like Greene and Smith performed home weatherization work, such as weather stripping and caulking windows, while Woods and Sparkman walked door to door sharing gifts. Eventually, they arrived at the home of Reverend Ellis Confer Sr. (pictured above).

Confer said he is familiar with Memphis’ energy burden but is unaffected by it, calling his utility bill “fairly low.” While he agreed that weatherizing homes is a worthwhile investment to save energy, Confer said the greater investment is TVA employees’ time and energy.

“I’m not looking for any money but just the fact that you care,” he said. “This means so much to me — just knowing that you care about us and you’re not just here to make money. When you show up, you let the people know that you’re concerned about their welfare. People remember when you care.”

“Giving back is like a chain reaction,” Woods added. “Someone helped me a time or two, and now it’s my opportunity to do the same. Hopefully, it will spark interest in others to do the same.”