September Swelter Sets Records

OCTOBER 2, 2019 — TVA’s service region hasn’t experienced a September this dry since 1984, when Gremlins was in the box office. However, the half-inch sprinkle that dampened the Southeast during the 30-day span wasn’t enough to put Gizmo in danger of producing any mutant Mogwais.

Temperatures averaged seven to nine degrees above normal, making the month the hottest on record for Memphis, Tupelo and Jackson. The hot streak was the second warmest on record for Chattanooga, Knoxville, Huntsville and Nashville.

The heat set new load demand records, making last month’s power draw the highest for any September in TVA history. For nine days, load demand was more than 28,000 MW, while the month’s average peak settled at 26,258 MW.

With sweltering temperatures expected to last into the weekend, everyone is encouraged to conserve power by turning thermostats up to 75 degrees, and delay heat-producing appliances during peak demand — typically between 6 – 9 p.m.

Other cooling measures include outdoor grilling, or using the microwave instead of the stovetop or oven. Close window coverings on the sunny side of the house to block sunlight during the warmest parts of the day.