Mission in Motion


When we stop to measure our progress each month, there are so many different kinds of accomplishments across our organization: gas plants under construction, coal plants meeting scrubber deadlines ahead of time, hydro units being refurbished, successfully weathering dry conditions (or wet ones), making great progress on our wise energy programs, hosting international visitors to TVA, implementing a strategic community relations program strongly committed to STEM education, investing more than ever in renewable energy resources, breaking economic development records, working to restore endangered species, building new bike trails and blueways for Valleywide recreation—and that’s just scratching the surface.

When we hit landmarks, it’s always remarkable...but not so unusual. TVA always works hard to deliver on its threefold mission:

• To provide clean, reliable energy at the lowest possible cost

• To maintain environmental sustainability and provide good recreational opportunities for the people of the Tennessee Valley

• To diligently support economic development activities that draw new jobs and investment to the region, or help companies stay here and grow 

Underlying all our efforts is a commitment to service with this goal in mind: We want the Tennessee Valley to be the best place in the United States to live, work and play. 

Take a look a just a few of our highlights—one for every month—and we think you’ll begin to appreciate how broad TVA’s mission really is, and to understand the incredible value we, the nation's largest public power company, bring to our region.