New John Sevier Boat Ramp Now Open

Ready to get your fish on in Hawkins County, Tenn.? Check out the new boat ramp near Rogersville—a great place to catch bass, stripe, crappie, bluegill and more.

FEBRUARY 9, 2017—A popular location for fishing enthusiasts is even better today, now that TVA has completed a new and improved boat ramp on the Holston River. It’s located near the site of John Sevier Combined Cycle Gas Plant in Rogersville, Tennessee.

The spot has long been well-known for abundant bass, stripe, crappie, bluegill and other species. Now, the new ramp will improve access, and it has special features including a walkway along the ramp, improved parking with 70 spaces, and new lighting for night safety and improved visibility.

boat ramp

“I want to say thank you to all of you here who supported this project and worked to make this facility possible,” said James Adams, senior manager, Recreation and Shoreline Management, who spoke at the dedication on Feb. 8.

“That includes our partners from TWRA; all of our state and local officials; the fisherman, recreational users; members of the local community and others.

“Providing safe, environmentally responsible access to our wonderful natural resources has been a key part of TVA’s mission of service in the Tennessee Valley for more than 80 years.”