Get a Norris Visitor Center Sneak Peek

Now through March 13, visitors to Norris Dam can get a spectacular view of water spilling through the floodgates AND early admission to the staffed visitor center.

MARCH 5, 2019 — All the rain in February has led to a rare phenomenon: the spilling of water through the floodgates at Norris Dam. The beautiful tumble over the art deco dam is replete with rainbows — but they’re not the only attraction.


For a limited time — now through March 13 — sightseers can stop by the visitors center to get the inside line on the dam. TVA retirees will be on hand to share insights about TVA and its mission of service, about the history and function of the dam and — for out-of-town visitors — the charms of the surrounding area. Plus, the center offers a unique view of the water management and a sophisticated display array for those who’d like to take a self-guided tour.

The center will officially reopen for the season — along with visitors centers at TVA’s other dams, such as Fontana, Kentucky and Raccoon Mountain—on April 6.