A Celebration of Service

From the beginning in 1933, TVA was laid out as a great social experiment, an agency charged with the physical, social and economic betterment of the region it was to serve: parts of seven states in the southeastern U.S., then struggling with poverty.

TVA engaged the problem on many fronts, building a system of dams that would tame the raging Tennessee River and generate power, introducing fertilizers that would restore wasted topsoil and initiating economic development programs that would bring sorely needed jobs to the region. And it worked.

It still does. Though TVA receives no taxpayer funding today, it continues to care for the environment in the Tennessee Valley and work toward building a strong economy here. This holistic approach is unique in the nation; nowhere else is an energy company committed in the same way to making its service territory the best possible place to live, work and play.

Consider these 12 aspects of TVA, each a lens into our mission, one for every day of this holiday season.