Year Two Progress Report: Boone Dam Project Remains On Track

JUNE 7, 2017—Nearly two years ago, TVA leaders committed to repairing the seepage issue on Boone Dam’s earthen embankment. In December 2015, drill rigs went up on the dam and accomplished the following:

  • Total work hours: 649,036
  • Low mobility grout (LMG) holes drilled and grouted: 539
  • High mobility grout (HMG) holes drilled and grouted: 261
  • Total drilling footage: 113,511 linear feet or 21.51 miles
  • Total grout placed: 2,388 cubic yards or 239 average concrete truck loads

The LMG and HMG holes were drilled and grouted in order to fill voids within the earthen embankment.

Current Status: The Boone Dam seepage remediation project remains on track for completion between 2020 and 2022. We’ve made some timeline modifications to move the berm construction forward in the schedule. At this time, we continue to evaluate the performance of the grouting work to ensure its effectiveness.

Next Steps: During the summer, TVA will be constructing the upstream berm. This work will be visible to residents and there may be additional truck traffic due to rocks being carried for the new buttress. The berm will provide additional stability for the earthen embankment.

Construction manager Kevin Holbrook and Site Supervisor Jack Stanhope review the location of the future upstream berm construction.