Visible Signs of Progress in November 2016

Lake levels will fluctuate to assist in testing; high mobility grouting will continue; exploration on the right rim will begin.

NOVEMBER 2, 2016—Several visible signs of progress are taking place at Boone Dam this month. Lake levels will be temporarily lowered and raised to test the effectiveness of grout installed over the past several months. Weather conditions permitting, starting Nov. 14, 2016, we will be moving the lake level between 1350 and 1355 feet above sea level, the lower and upper limits of the current operating guide. The lake will then return to its current level of about 1352 feet by Nov. 30.
During testing, we’ll be carefully monitoring our extensive network of sensors and comparing the results to readings we took before the work began. The data collected will help us refine our plans for remaining repair work.
We’ve also started our high mobility grouting (HMG) program. Much thinner than the low mobility grout we’ve been using to this point, HMG is designed to fill in smaller spaces in the geology under the embankment. We’ve already seen some indications that HMG is filling some of the same water pathways that caused the first signs of seepage in late 2014.

Meanwhile, in keeping with our plan to explore the right rim of the embankment, initial drilling and testing work on the right rim may be visible to some around the dam. The team will be drilling holes, testing the rock and installing instrumentation for continuous monitoring of the right rim.
Finally, contrary to some persistent rumors, no new “leaks” have been discovered, and the repair project is still on schedule to be complete within the 5 to 7 year timeframe announced in 2015.