Progress Update: Evaluations on Fall Fluctuations

JANUARY 2017—Workers at Boone Dam are immersed in the high-mobility grouting phase of the project. The high-mobility grout is a thinner fluid than the previously completed low-mobility grouting, more of a chocolate milk consistency, intended to fill the smaller cracks and bedding planes in the bedrock beneath the embankment.

Grouting rigs on top of Boone Dam's earthen embankment are now injecting high mobility grout into smaller cracks in the bedrock.

Over a period of several weeks in November, the Boone Lake Reservoir was raised a few feet to the top end of the current operating range, held for a period of time, and then lowered to the pre-fluctuation level. The purpose of the fluctuation was to evaluate the effectiveness of the grouting program to date.

Preliminary results indicate that the grouting program is currently meeting the design objective. TVA engineers expect similar tests will be performed in the future