Progress Update: Auger Drilling, Underwater Monitoring at Boone Dam

MAY 2, 2017—As part of TVA’s testing and evaluation phase, the Boone Dam Project uses robotics and remote controls to move auger drills into place on platforms on the side of the earthen embankment. For added safety, cables secure the drills in place along the dam’s steep slope. The drillers are conducting tests to determine the progress of the underground repair work done so far. The Boone Dam Project team continues to look at the information from the auger drilling samples and captured from additional sensors placed on the dam. Data is monitored and adjustments made in order to move the project forward in a safe and effective manner.


Meanwhile, dive team members visited Boone Dam recently for their quarterly inspection of the dam’s filter berm. The high-tech, hands-on visual inspection performed by the dive team revealed no changes in the filter berm.

under water monitoring