Project Progress Update: Low Mobility Grout Testing Phase Nears Completion

We are on schedule to wrap up the low mobility grouting (LMG) phase of the test grouting project by the end of this month.

SEPTEMBER 8, 2016—The thick, “toothpaste-like” grout (seen in photo at below) is mixed to just the right consistency by workers on top of the dam. Then grouting rigs inject the LMG into boreholes drilled in rows along the top of the earthen embankment. The grout may be placed anywhere from a few feet below the surface to several hundred under the ground.

Once this LMG project milestone is complete, we will move on to working with high mobility grout (HMG), which has a thinner consistency and is capable of filling in smaller openings in the geology. We remain on schedule to complete the repair project in the 2020-2022 timeframe.

workers at boone