Healthy Fish on Boone Lake

JUNE 7, 2017—The Tennessee Valley is a “biodiversity hotspot” for anything that lives in or near the water. That’s according to TVA fisheries biologist Jon Michael Mollish, who, along with a team of three other TVA biologists, recently conducted an electrofishing survey to determine the health of the fish in Boone Lake.

man holding two fish

TVA’s Jon Michael Mollish with two Largemouth Bass from Boone Lake.

“It’s a snapshot of the health of the reservoir,” said Mollish, who liked what he saw. “We’re seeing a large diversity of fish and the fish we see are healthy,” he said. During electrofishing, fish are temporarily stunned, weighed, measured and returned to the lake to swim away in a matter of minutes. Studies were conducted on both the Watauga and South Holston arms of Boone Lake. The biologists said they saw more than 25 species of healthy fish.