Courtesy Dock Installed at Pickens Bridge Boat Ramp

Once the three new boat ramps were installed this summer and people were able to gain easy access to Boone Lake, we received several requests for courtesy docks. As a result, we’ve installed a new courtesy dock at Pickens Bridge.

We dropped by Pickens Bridge the day after the new dock was installed to find boaters and kayakers very pleased with the project. “We really appreciate it,” said LuAnne Suba of Mountain City, who was putting in fishing kayaks with her husband Rich (the couple is pictured below). “We were very pleased…Rich usually jumps in from a stump on the shore.”

Subas Dock

Finn Wilster, a retired naval pilot from Piney Flats, and his wife Kaylynn, were also pleased with the new dock. They said the dock made it easier to board their recently restored boat, “The Sunny Sea.”

The Pickens Bridge location joins a second courtesy dock recently installed at Boone Beach.

The Boone Dam Project

TVA has found the fix for seepage at Boone Dam: a composite barrier made of non-erodible material. Construction will take five to seven years. Maximum safety measures for area residents and businesses will remain in place throughout the process. Find out more about what happened at Boone Dam, why and how a team of the country’s finest dam engineers and safety experts arrived at the best possible solution. Click here to read more about the Boone Dam Project.