Boone Project Progress Will Be Seen with Intentional Lake Level Fluctuations

OCTOBER 3, 2016—Local residents and businesses will get to see visible evidence of progress on the Boone Dam Repair this fall as lake levels will be temporarily lowered and raised to test the effectiveness of grout installed over the past several months. Starting November 14, weather conditions permitting, TVA will be moving the lake level between 1350 and 1355 feet above sea level, the lower and upper limits of the current operating guide. The lake will then be returned to its current level of about 1352 feet by November 30.


Lead Dam Safety Engineer Carol Ford checks a piezometer, which measures pressure and depth of groundwater.

Why are we doing this? We’ve completed the first part of our test grouting program on the earthen embankment and now need to check its effectiveness. The only safe way to do this is to see how the embankment performs when it is exposed to more and less lake water. We’ll be carefully monitoring our extensive network of sensors—one of the most sophisticated in the world—and comparing results to readings we took before the work began. The data we collect will help us finalize plans for remaining repair work.