Boone Dam Project

TVA is working hard to share news on the progress of the dam construction project with the Boone community as it happens. Find all the latest Boone Dam news updates in the column below.

Drilling Resumes on Boone Dam

Sonic drill rigs working more than 100 feet below surface are back onsite at Boone Dam. They mobilized July 10 to begin testing the effectiveness of the slurry cells or rows of grout.

Dam Safety is Priority One at Boone Dam

Boone Dam is monitored for safety 24 hours a day. The dam safety inspection program includes inspectors and engineers who walk miles in a day, checking slope inclinometers, piezometers, survey monuments and water quality monitoring stations.

Year Two Progress Report: Boone Dam Project Remains On Track

The Boone Dam seepage remediation project remains on track for completion between 2020 and 2022.

Healthy Fish on Boone Lake

The Tennessee Valley is a “biodiversity hotspot” for anything that lives in or near the water.

Detailed Testing at Boone to Improve Construction Flow

Auger drills, sampling and testing sensors evaluate the effectiveness of Boone Dam repairs to date, as subtle changes to repair schedule are made to optimize construction activity.

Hydroseeding Program Underway on Boone Lake

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) is putting the finishing touches on hydroseeding of private property on the Holston River side of Boone Lake. TVA buys mulch, seed and fertilizer; TWRA supplies the manpower and equipment.

Progress Update: Auger Drilling, Underwater Monitoring at Boone Dam

As part of TVA’s testing and evaluation phase, the Boone Dam Project uses auger drills to conduct testing to determine the progress of the underground repair work done so far.

Inclinometers Installed to Evaluate Grouting Work

Inclinometers Installed to Evaluate Grouting Work

New Project Work Will Provide Enhanced View of Geology

The Boone Dam project will be installing additional sensors and conducting exploratory drilling on the earthen embankment. The information obtained will give us a clearer view of the geology under the embankment and help us further refine our repair plan.

Grout Gator on the Job

The “grout gator” is an all-terrain vehicle that serves as a centralized location to direct the injection of the grout in order to reach desired flow rates and pressures.

Routine Inspections Help Ensure Dam Safety

Dam safety efforts include diving to ensure the stability of the dam's filter berm, and routine inspection of the sluice gate and sluice tunnel, which occurs every five years.

Progress Update: Evaluations on Fall Fluctuations

Workers at Boone Dam are immersed in the high mobility grouting phase of the project.

Autumn Lake Level Fluctuations Complete

Even with the dry weather, TVA’s River Management team was able to successfully raise and lower Boone Lake late last month to test the effectiveness of early project grouting work.

Fish Survey Results: Boone Lake Remains Healthy

TVA biologists are confirming what most anglers already know—Boone Lake remains a great fishing place.

Visible Signs of Progress in November 2016

Lake levels will fluctuate to assist in testing; high mobility grouting will continue; exploration on the right rim will begin.

Construction Update: Project Prepares for High Mobility Grouting Phase

OCTOBER 7, 2016—With the planned November effectiveness testing of the low mobility grouting work, we are already looking forward to the next phase of the project: high mobility grouting (HMG) testing.

Boone Project Progress Will Be Seen with Intentional Lake Level Fluctuations

OCTOBER 3, 2016—Local residents and businesses will get to see visible evidence of progress on the Boone Dam Repair this fall as lake levels will be temporarily lowered and raised to test the effectiveness of grout installed over the past several months.

Creating Future Fish Habitats, Preventing Shoreline Erosion

OCTOBER 7, 2016—We continue to receive questions about the vegetation that has grown on the exposed banks of Boone Lake during the lower water levels. Although some consider it a problem, the vegetation is actually doing two positive things.

One Year Later: Achievements at Boone Dam

In the year since TVA announced the Boone Dam plan, here are some achievements: 288,969 man hours logged at Boone Dam' 390 holes drilled and 372 grouted; 24-hour-a-day operations; 150 workers employed; 24/7 dam safety inspection.

Project Progress Update: Low Mobility Grout Testing Phase Nears Completion

SEPTEMBER 8, 2016—We are on schedule to wrap up the low mobility grouting (LMG) phase of the test grouting project by the end of this month.



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