Boone Dam Project

TVA is working hard to share news on the progress of the dam construction project with the Boone community as it happens. Find all the latest Boone Dam news updates in the column below.

One Year Later: Achievements at Boone Dam

In the year since TVA announced the Boone Dam plan, here are some achievements: 288,969 man hours logged at Boone Dam' 390 holes drilled and 372 grouted; 24-hour-a-day operations; 150 workers employed; 24/7 dam safety inspection.

Project Progress Update: Low Mobility Grout Testing Phase Nears Completion

SEPTEMBER 8, 2016—We are on schedule to wrap up the low mobility grouting (LMG) phase of the test grouting project by the end of this month.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

How do you gain insight into construction work that takes place hundreds of feet below Boone Dam? A “down-hole high resolution optical televiewer,” a.k.a. high-definition video.

Dispelling Lake Level Rumors

We currently have no plans to raise lake levels beyond the present 1350’-1355’ operating range in the near future.

New Courtesy Docks Available at Pickens Bridge and Boone Beach

You asked and we listened—a courtesy dock has been installed at the new Boone Beach and Boat Ramp.

One Year Later: Successful Seedlings

The planting of watershed seedlings is one of the successful “growing” projects initiated at Boone Dam since the repair project was announced nearly a year ago.

Instruments Ensure Dam Safety

A web of 100 piezometers around Boone Dam help engineers understand how the dam is reacting to construction activities.

Courtesy Dock Installed at Pickens Bridge Boat Ramp

Once the three new boat ramps were installed this summer and people were able to gain easy access to Boone Lake, we received several requests for courtesy docks. As a result, we’ve installed a new courtesy dock at Pickens Bridge.

Seedlings Foster Fish and Fight Erosion

Approximately 500 button bush, water hickory and bald cyprus tree seedlings are being planted over the next few weeks in the Boone watershed and around the lake.

Underwater Inspection of Boone Dam Yields "Thumbs Up"

The Boone Dam tailrace filter berm is “A-OK” according to TVA divers completing their quarterly underwater inspection the week of August 1, 2016.

"Boone Bots" Are Always on the Job

When boating near Boone Dam, you may notice a shed with a yellow monitoring—this houses our high-tech robots, which use laser scanning technology to detect the smallest movement in the dam.

Recreation Report: One Year Later

It’s been nearly one year since we first shared our plans to repair Boone Dam. During that time, several improvements have been made to allow more people to continue to enjoy the lake, even at its lower levels.

High Mobility Grout Added to the Mix

Grout—a concrete-like mixture that is an integral part of the repair of Boone Dam—may seem rather low-tech, but the material’s application to the Boone project is state-of-the-art, requiring constant variations to the recipe to meet some very specific engineering demands.

Cubex Drill Explores Dam Depths

In addition to the sonic drills already at work at the dam, the project team has recently begun using a new Cubex drill as part of the bedrock grouting process. The Cubex hammers into the bedrock up to 352 feet below the surface, grinding up rock as it drills.

Geology in Real Time

Ongoing work at Boone Dam is attracting national attention from geologists interested in the varied layers and composition soil samples collected during the grout testing.



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