Water for Everyone

A new water use study shows how and why people draw water from the Tennessee River system, and sheds light on TVA’s savvy water management abilities.

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Safe and Smart About Coal Ash

TVA is doing more than ever before to monitor and protect groundwater near its coal ash storage sites, including at the Cumberland Fossil Plant—TVA’s largest coal-fired plant.

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A New Beginning for the Muscle Shoals Reservation

For over 100 years, a 1,000-acre parcel in Colbert County, Ala., has been home to those who’ve worked to tame a river, harness electricity, win world wars and feed a nation. Now it’s ready to start a new chapter in its history.

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Happy Trails

Are you an avid hiker? Then June is your month! That’s when we celebrate National Trails Day, a time to get outside, hit the trail and maybe even do a little service work.

Time for Fun—and Weeds—on Lake Guntersville

To ensure water weeds don’t affect access at developed public recreation areas, the Tennessee Valley Authority’s aquatic plant management teams are already out on the water surveying specific areas of Guntersville Reservoir.

Help Us Plan Our Future

The utility industry is changing at a rapid pace, and TVA has a responsibility to ensure it can respond to changing energy demands while continuing to provide reliable power at the lowest possible cost.

More Stable Rates in the Valley

TVA is proposing a new rate structure that will help families by making power rates more stable.

Allen Natural Gas Plant Goes Commercial

The latest addition to TVA’s generating portfolio has gone commercial—Allen Natural Gas Plant, among the most efficient plants of its kind in the world.

TVA Wins Diversity Award

Thanks to its involvement with students at Alabama A&M University, TVA has been recognized for its efforts to support and promote diversity in the workforce.

TVA’s Muscle Shoals Property Auction Complete

There’s a new future in store for TVA’s Muscle Shoals reservation, which was returned to the private sector for economic development in the Quad Cities area.

Doing Our Part to Help Others

It’s been 50 years since the loss of the visionary leader, Martin Luther King, Jr., but his words still ring true. “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” We take that question to heart.

TVA Begins Drawdowns in the Beech River System

Beginning the week of April 9, TVA will draw down water levels at Beech, Cedar, Pine and Pin Oak reservoirs to conduct dam health checks. The week long drawdown will allow TVA’s Dam Safety personnel to conduct routine five-year safety checks.

TVA Invests in Home Weatherization Program for Memphis

There’s new hope for those with limited incomes coping with high power bills. Thanks to a unique partnership, more than 400 Memphis homeowners will get a life-changing home makeover.

TVA Is Committed to Protecting Human Health and the Environment

TVA is sharing results of new groundwater monitoring samples taken at its coal combustion residual (CCR) sites to identify areas for more study and possible action. TVA has been transparent about its groundwater monitoring programs for years

Cleaner Future for 280,000 More Valley Homes

What if we could reduce our carbon footprint and generate more, low-cost, reliable energy without building a new plant? That’s exactly what’s happening at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in Athens, Ala.

Boone Dam Project

TVA has found the fix for seepage at Boone Dam: a composite seepage barrier made of non-erodible material. Construction will take five to seven years. Maximum safety measures will remain in place throughout the process. Read more about Boone Dam.


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