Clean Water, New Fish

Welcome to the Valley! TVA aquatic biologists introduce a new fish species in tributary streams to the Duck River in middle Tennessee: the Tennessee Logperch (Percina apina).

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TVA Shops Local

To help boost the regional economy, TVA focused 80 percent of its spending on Valley-based businesses in 2017. Read about TVA’s ongoing commitment to small, diverse and local businesses.

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A Doorway to Hope

You may not know Emma Lindsey of Humboldt, Tenn., but she is one of the most important people in the Tennessee Valley—and the work she does behind this humble door saves lives. Here's why.

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On in a Hot Minute

Twelve minutes is how long it takes to fire up a combustion turbine gas plant and tie it to the power grid. These not-so-secret weapons in TVA’s generating arsenal are used to meet peaking power demand on the coldest days.

TVA Takes Johnsonville Fossil Plant Offline

With a spirit of pride and quiet reflection on the success of TVA’s oldest fossil plant, employees took the last four operating units of Johnsonville Fossil Plant offline on December 31, 2017, after 66 years of service.

Recycle that Christmas Tree—the Right Way

Don’t just chuck your tree on the curb this year. Consider constructive recycling it so that it can be used as mulch, a soil-erosion barrier or as fish habitat. Just get in touch with your local water use or land agency, and let the pros take it from there.

Count the Birds this Christmas

The National Audubon Society conducts a yearly bird count—an early-winter bird census, where thousands of volunteers across the U.S., Canada and many countries in the Western Hemisphere go out over a 24-hour period on one calendar day to count birds.

TVA Finalizes Study for Future Storage of Coal Ash at Shawnee Fossil Plant

TVA is planning for the continued operation of Shawnee Fossil Plant in West Paducah, Ky., with the construction of a new onsite dry storage area for coal ash and other coal combustion residuals at the plant.

Safer, Swifter Dam Inspections

New sonar technology lets Dam Safety inspectors see on and around dams to identify potential problems without ever leaving the boat.

The Weather Channeler

TVA’s senior program manager of Short-Term Load Planning and in-house meteorologist Jeff House keeps the agency’s operations lean and mean by accurately reporting the hourly weather 24 hours in advance.

TVA Inspires STEM Curiosity

Eleanor Roosevelt said “I think, at a child's birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be—curiosity.” Learn how TVA is helping inspire curiosity by partnering with the Science Alliance of Tennessee.

Getting Voltage Just Right

TVA has embarked on an ambitious conservation voltage regulation (CVR) program. Sound like technical jargon? Maybe. But this acronym’s out to save you money on your energy bills.

Environmental Investigation Underway at Allen Fossil Plant

TVA is doing what it takes to find the source of arsenic found in shallow groundwater wells at its Allen Fossil Plant near Memphis, and—with human health as the top priority—will do our share to clean up the contamination.

Boone Dam Project

TVA has found the fix for seepage at Boone Dam: a composite seepage barrier made of non-erodible material. Construction will take five to seven years. Maximum safety measures will remain in place throughout the process. Read more about Boone Dam.


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