For Investors

Investment in TVA supports electricity, environment and economic development in the Tennessee Valley.

TVA is a corporate agency of the United States that provides electricity, the vital service of flood control, navigation and land management for the Tennessee River system.

  • TVA's rated Power Bonds receive some of the highest credit ratings from major credit rating agencies.
  • The TVA Act requires TVA to set power rates sufficient to pay debt service on outstanding bonds, and investors are given first pledge of payment from net power proceeds.
  • Both principal and interest on TVA securities are generally exempt from state and local income taxes.
  • TVA is a “bricks and mortar” company that supplies electric power—a vital commodity—to parts of seven states in the Southeastern United States, and it's an integral part of the nation’s energy infrastructure.
  • TVA is a wholly owned but self-funded agency of the United States government, and meets its funding needs with operating revenues and power program financing. TVA debt securities are issued only for power program purposes—including financing of existing debt—and are secured by revenues from its power system.
  • TVA issues a variety of debt securities. TVA Discount Notes have maturities of less than one year. TVA may also issue long-term bonds with final maturities of up to 50 years. These bonds and notes are available to investors through banks, brokers and investment dealers.
  • TVA debt securities are not obligations of the U.S. government and do not carry a government guarantee.
  • To read more about bondholder protections and other provisions relating to TVA’s Evidences of Indebtedness, please refer to TVA’s Power Bond Resolution available here.

Investor Relations Contacts

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