Apply for a Permit Now

Ready to apply? You’re one click away from our easy online application. Take a moment to consider whether it’s right for you.

Who should apply online?

  • Those seeking a permit to build facilities such as docks, piers, boathouses, fences and steps, or undertaking a shoreline stabilization or vegetation management project.
  • Those seeking reissuance of a TVA permit following a change of ownership.
  • Those seeking permission for activities not occurring on a TVA reservoir but within Section 26a jurisdiction.

Who should not apply online?

  • Applicants for 26a permits on Boone Reservoir should call TVA’s Public Land Information Center at (800) 882-5263 prior to starting the online application process.
  • Those who require additional permits from a state office of water quality (see links at right) and have not yet received them. Please contact your state's water quality office early in the process to minimize delays in receiving your 26a permit.


Apply Online for a Permit Now


Got more questions about the application process? See our Application Instructions or Online Application FAQ.

Want to apply via traditional mail? Click here to download the application form. Once you have it filled out and have gathered the necessary materials and fee, mail it to the TVA Regional Watershed Office that represents your reservoir.