Little Cedar Mountain Trail

Location: Jasper, Tenn.
Reservoir: Nickajack
Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 3-mile loop
Coordinates: 35.030727 -85.581417
Amenities: Parking, hiking, camping
Small Wild Area

For lovers of trees and rocks, the 4-mile loop trail at Little Cedar Mountain Small Wild Area, located on Nickajack Reservoir, is a dreamscape. The 320 acres are forested with cedar, redbuds and post, red and blackjack oaks, and feature boulder fields, rock walls and limestone outcroppings. And, oh yes, there are wildflowers, too: John Beck’s leafcup, cylindrica blazing star, rock cress, twinflower, trillium, hairy gromwell and others. In spring, look for the rare hoary puccoon. If you decide to take the optional Pond Trail, you'll discover a wetland forest pond that supports amphibians, salamanders and insects—like dragonflies—that lay eggs in the water. Take exit 158 on I-24 about 25 miles west of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and turn left.


Topographic Trail Map