Sailgating with the Vol Navy

“Sailgating” is a grand tradition at the University of Tennessee, home to the storied Vol Navy, which ties up on the Tennessee River outside Neyland Stadium in Knoxville on football Saturdays.

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For the Refreshment of Mankind

National Public Lands Day (Sept. 22) reminds us of the beauty and relaxation to be found on TVA’s lands and waters. But there’s also “gold in them thar hills”—recreation brings billions of dollars into the Valley each year.

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The Big Cheese

Fishing for bass on Guntersville is always good. In the fall, it’s even better—if you know the right techniques for fishing the weeds this time of year. Our fishing expert shares his secrets.

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The Shooting Creek fishing access area will be closed on Mondays through Thursdays from August 27 through September 27 while TVA and North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission work on repairs and improvements. Sections of the access area where construction work is underway may also be closed during the weekends. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


As part of its mission of service, TVA manages its public lands and waterways to support recreation so that the Tennessee Valley is one of the best places in the country to live, work and PLAY.



No time or budget for a luxurious beach vacation this year? No worries—TVA has you covered! You can stay here in the Tennessee Valley and enjoy swimming, boating, hiking, biking, camping, fishing, paddling and much more on TVA’s public lands and lakes. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures of yourself and your friends and family having fun, and post them to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using #TVAcation. You could win cool outdoor gear. Make your vacation a dam destination!

More Recreation

Tennessee Valley Water Trails

Can’t decide between hitting the trail or splashing around for fun this weekend? You can do both on one of the Tennessee Valley’s many water trails. Here’s a comprehensive guide to premium paddles throughout the region.

Recreation on Undeveloped TVA Public Lands

Looking to get away into nature in its rawest form? TVA manages 229,000 acres of undeveloped public lands available for hunting, camping, hiking and birdwatching. Find your own piece of wilderness on our Undeveloped Recreation Map.

Volunteering at TVA

Want to make a difference to the Tennessee Valley region? Volunteer at TVA and be part of our mission of service.

Tailwater Pursuits

TVA dam releases create world-class cold-water fisheries and whitewater paddling opportunities for kayakers and rafters. Here’s a guide to when and where to find them.

Tennessee Valley Uncharted

Take a journey through the Tennessee Valley as hosts Erick Baker and Ariel Nicole explore its unique natural wonders, urban secrets, recreation destinations and hidden gems on the new series Tennessee Valley Uncharted.

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