Touch Nature at Norris

Come participate in a daylong BioBlitz, co-sponsored by TVA and Discover Life in America, and get to know your favorite dam reservation in a whole new way.

What: Norris Dam BioBlitz

Where: Songbird Trail

When: August 12, 2017

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

TVA has partnered with Discover Life in America to bring you the opportunity to engage in a biological inventory of its precious public lands. This weekend, we'll explore Norris Dam's beloved Songbird Trail. The event will combine field specimen collection, species identification and education sessions, and is appropriate for all ages. Participants will get to know flowers, butterflies, birds and other plants and animals using nets and other collection and preservation equipment, which will be provided on site.

BioBlitzes are free and family-friendly, and offer the public a chance to interact with nature, with scientists and with the community at large. Anyone interested in wildlife, biology, citizen science and/or biodiversity should consider participating.

To get ready for the day:

  • Bring food and water for the day, as we will be working away from restaurants.
  • Dress for being outside whatever weather may come.
  • Download the iNaturalist application to your phone or smart device. This app will be used to document species, information and locations.
  • Wear/bring sunscreen.