Natural Resource Plan

Public Notice: TVA is updating its Natural Resource Plan

*Update (November 1, 2018) TVA has completed a Scoping Report that summarizes feedback from the public and other interested parties about this planning effort and the environmental review. The Scoping Report is available for public review below.

TVA is updating its Natural Resource Plan (NRP), which was completed in 2011 to guide TVA’s management of the public lands and waters within its power service area. TVA invited public input during a scoping period that ended in August 2018.  In November 2018, TVA completed a Scoping Report which summarizes the outreach effort and contains the comments and concerns raised by the public and other agencies. 

TVA remains committed to a balanced management approach but is considering changes to the NRP so that it more clearly addresses all of the ongoing efforts of the Natural Resources program. In the updated NRP, TVA proposes 10 focus areas that provide a direct line of site to all Natural Resources functions (click on each for more information):

The proposed NRP update would include more clearly defined strategies including objectives and programs for each focus area and a flexible approach for long-term planning, which would help TVA prioritize funding and support its mission.

During this process, TVA will refresh the 2011 NRP environmental impact statement (EIS) to analyze the potential effects of proposed changes. TVA anticipates publishing a draft EIS for public review in spring 2019.

To guide the development of the updated NRP, TVA hosted four public open houses and a webinar to obtain public input on the scope of the project, answer questions and receive comments. Listen to the webinar below



TVA is unique among power generators in that it was created to not only empower the economic aspects of Southeast society but also to protect and improve the natural resources of the Tennessee Valley region. Today the results of TVA’s efforts are apparent in the abundant natural resources in the region and the opportunities they afford.

TVA completed its 2011 Natural Resource Plan to guide its natural resource stewardship efforts over the following twenty years, and would be reviewed and updated as needed. The 2011 NRP addresses TVA’s management of biological, cultural, and water resources; recreation; reservoir lands planning; and public engagement. The purpose of the plan is to integrate the goals of these resource areas, provide for the optimum public benefit, and balance sometimes conflicting resource uses. The 2011 NRP also guides TVA in achieving the objectives of its Environmental Policy for a more systematic and integrated approach to natural resource stewardship.

As part of the process of developing the 2011 NRP, TVA developed an associated EIS, which describes the potential resource management programs and activities, alternative approaches to TVA’s resource management efforts, and the environmental impacts of the alternatives, including the alternative comprising the 2011 NRP.


For more information about the environmental review contact:
Matthew Higdon
NEPA Compliance
(865) 632-8501
400 West Summit Hill Drive, WT 11B
Knoxville, TN 37902

For more information about the Natural Resource Plan, contact:
Anthony Summit
NRP Project Manager
(423) 467-3801
106 Tri-Cities Business Park Drive
Gray, TN 37615

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