Muscle Shoals Reservation Comprehensive Master Plan

Colbert County, Alabama

In March 2015, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) approved a final Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP) to encourage proper and responsible development of approximately 1,000 acres of the Muscle Shoals Reservation (MSR). TVA, in cooperation with the locally formed Northwest Alabama Cooperative District (NACD), conducted studies; evaluated environmental, historical, and architectural impacts and alternatives; participated in public forums; collected public input; and evaluated the market potential of the MSR site. As a result of these efforts, TVA and the NACD developed the CMP to serve as an overarching guiding principles tool to encourage well-managed development. It includes data and inputs collected throughout the planning process, the actions taken to develop the CMP, the preferred reuse plan, and the steps necessary to bring this surplus property to auction.


In November 2012, the TVA Board declared 1,000 acres of the MSR to be surplus to TVA’s needs and authorized the sale of such acreage at public auction for redevelopment. The surplus, sale, and redevelopment of this property could positively impact the local and regional economy while reducing TVA’s footprint and costs for operations and maintenance. For more information about this process, please visit the Muscle Shoals Redevelopment webpage.

Public Involvement

TVA issued a draft CMP on September 16, 2014 and public comments were accepted through October 16, 2014. A public meeting to receive comments was held on September 20, 2014, at the Marriott Shoals Hotel and Spa, Florence, Alabama.

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For more information about the environmental review or to request a printed or digital copy of the documents, contact:

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