How the Program Works

Step 1: Participant Completes Research

TVA and participating local power companies (LPCs) are offering 7.5 MW of Green Power Providers capacity in calendar year 2019. Green Power Providers—designed with residential and small commercial customers in mind—is for projects up to 50 kW in size. There will be a capacity pool of 7.5 MW.

TVA and LPCs will be accepting capacity requests via the online application system on a first-come, first-serve basis for the 2019 program year. Before applying:

  • Check this list to see if your local power company participates.
  • Read the program guidelines.
  • Contact your local power company to notify them of your intent to apply.

Step 2: Participant Initiates Request

Initiating a request involves two steps:

  1. Initiating a Capacity Reservation Request (CRR) to hold available capacity while your application is reviewed, and
  2. Completing a Participation Agreement Request, after your CRR is approved, to generate a Participation Agreement (contract).

The types of applications that may be submitted are:

  1. New Participant—Applicant with 12 full months of historical energy usage on current permanent on site billing meter.
  2. New Construction—Applicants without 12 full months of historical energy usage on a permanent on site billing meter (e.g. building a new home or new business). 
  3. Capacity Increase—Existing participants seeking to increase their system size.
  4. Capacity Decrease—Existing participants seeking to decrease their system size.

Process flow and detailed application steps can be found below:

Process Flow
Applicant/Participant Guide
System Owner Guide
System Installer Guide

Step 3: TVA and Local Power Company Approve Application

Once you have reviewed and signed the participation agreement request, your local power company must sign the agreement and TVA will provide final approval of the 20-year agreement. Now you can go ahead and buy an eligible renewable generation system.

Step 4: Participant Installs System

The generating system must be installed and approved by the local power company within 180 Calendar Days of TVA’s approval of the participation agreement. Solar installations approved by TVA must be designed, inspected and approved by a renewable energy professional with associate-level NABCEP certification at a minimum. NABCEP is an acronym for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners ( The system must comply with environmental regulations and national standards, be certified by a licensed electrician and comply with all applicable codes. See a list of NABCEP installers.

Step 5: Local Power Company Approves the System

The local power company will complete a system/site review and, if the system passes inspection, submit the System Acceptance Form (SAF) to TVA through an online application tool.

Step 6: Participant Receives Payment

TVA will buy the green energy output for the full 20-year agreement. TVA will retain the Renewable Energy Credits for the full 20-year agreement term.

If you have questions, please call the Green Power Providers question line at (866) 673-4340 or email Or to learn more about Green Power Providers and its key features, read these frequently asked questions.

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