Technology Innovation

Innovation has always been on TVA's blueprint—a part of the agency's mission as set forth by the TVA Act, and an important element of its mission to be a leader in the generation of affordable, clean power and a conservator of the Tennessee Valley's precious natural resources. We are keeping our focus squarely on the future, and what we can do to make it brighter and better.

These are a few of our current or recent initiatives:

Small Modular Reactors

Compared to a full nuclear plant, small modular reactors offer advantages in enhanced safety, less construction time and reduced expenditures. TVA's work on a first-of-its kind deployment of this technology demonstrates its leadership in a movement toward clean, low-cost energy.

Grid Modernization

Smart grid technology could tell consumers exactly how much electricity they're using and how much it's costing as they're using it. It could also let TVA identify problems on the line, balance load easily and make corrections quickly to keep power flowing, no matter what.

Energy Utilization

Energy utilization efforts look at ways residential, business and industrial consumers can use energy more efficiently, from building smarter homes and facilities to installing hyperefficient HVAC systems to embracing electric forms of transportation.

Electric Transportation

TVA is embracing electric transportation, creating smart charging stations, finding uses for depleted auto batteries, using solar power to offset demand on the grid and developing technologies to encourage the potential of electricity to replace petroleum as the fuel of choice.

Our Technology Partners

The science and technology problems facing the energy industry are complex. TVA joins with strategic partners such as EPRI, NEETRAC and NRECA, as well as regional universities and national laboratories to further its scientific pursuits and complement its efforts. Read more about our technology partnerships.

Campbell Creek Homes

TVA joined Oak Ridge National Laboratory and EPRI to put energy efficiency measures to the test in three real homes: one typical house built to code, one retrofit with energy efficiency measures, one built from the ground up with energy efficiency in mind. Here's a guide to the resulting research.