Southeastern RECs

What Is a Renewable Energy Credit?

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), or Renewable Energy Credits, represent one megawatt-hour of renewable energy generated and delivered to the power grid. (When energy generation is placed on the power grid there is no way to differentiate between the green energy and non green energy.) Therefore the purchase of a REC transfers the legal right of the renewable energy generated from the energy generator to you, the customer.

What Is the Benefit of Purchasing RECs?

  • You'll reduce the environmental impact of your electricity consumption.
  • You'll support renewable energy development.
  • You can differentiate your brand from the competition.
  • It is a way to generate customer, investor and/or stakeholder loyalty.
  • RECs create positive publicity and enhance public image.
  • Owning RECs is a way to demonstrate civic leadership.

Green Power Switch Southeastern RECs give your organization the ability to make renewable energy claims, and allow you to demonstrate to your customers and stakeholders that you are a supporter of regional green initiatives. Depending on the size of your commitment, you may be eligible for our robust recognition program—designed to ensure that others are aware of your commitment.

It's Easy to Enroll

Green Power Switch Southeastern RECs are sold in blocks of 1 MWh, with a minimum purchase of 2,000 MWh annually. Each MWh in the program is offered at $1.25 per MWh—therefore a minimum investment would represent $2,500 per year.

To learn more about this pioneering program, contact your participating local power company:

  • BVU Authority
  • Chattanooga Electric Power Board
  • Jackson Energy Authority
  • Knoxville Utilities Board
  • Lenoir City Utilities Board
  • Oak Ridge Electric Department

If your power provider does not offer Southeastern RECs, but you have a strong interest in purchasing them, please get in touch with TVA at (866) 673-4340 or email Directly served customers interested in participating in the program should contact their industrial account manager.

Learn More About RECs

Your purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) supports renewable electricity production in the region of generation. For every unit of renewable electricity generated, an equivalent amount of RECs is produced, and by purchasing and pairing RECs with your electricity service you are using and receiving the benefits of that renewable electricity. You will continue to receive a separate electricity bill from your utility for electricity service [if applicable].

Your REC purchase also helps build a market for renewable electricity. Increased demand for and generation of renewable electricity helps reduce conventional electricity generation in the region where the renewable electricity generator is located. It also has other local and global environmental benefits which may include emitting little or no regional air pollution or carbon dioxide.

The RECs in Green Power Switch Southeastern RECs are verified and certified by Green-e Energy, and Tennessee Valley Authority is required to disclose the quantity, type and geographic source of each certificate. Please see the Product Content Label for this information. Green-e Energy also verifies that the renewable certificates are not sold more than once or claimed by more than one party.

Green-e Energy

Green Power Switch and Green Power Switch SE RECs are Green-e Energy certified products, and meet the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at