Further Reading on Renewable Power

EPA Green Power Partnership

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency offers expert advice, technical support, and tools and resources for purchasing green power. Learn more.


Renewable Energy Basics


DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Energy Information Administration

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Center for Resource Solutions

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Tennessee Environmental Council

Renewable Energy World

Database for State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency

Green Power Network


Solar Power


General Information

Solar Electric Power Association

Quick Guide to Solar Electricity (PDF)

Solar Photovoltaic Technology

Solar Power Rocks


Installation Planning

Basics of a Solar Electric System (PDF)

Consumers Guide: Get Your Power from the Sun (PDF)

Find a Solar Installer with NABCEP Credentials

Connecting Your Solar System to the Grid

Making the Most of Residential Photovoltaic Systems (PDF)

Solar Design: How to Build a Better Home (PDF)


Passive Solar

Passive Solar Design for the Home (PDF)

Passive Solar Technology Fact Sheet (PDF)


Wind Power


American Wind Energy Association

Distributed Wind Energy Association

Wind Energy Basics

Small Wind Electric Systems: A U.S. Consumers Guide (PDF)


Biomass Power


Biomass Magazine

Penn State University Biogas Production

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Consumer Energy Center

Energy Information Administration


Low-Impact Hydro


Low-Impact Hydropower Institute

Home Power Magazine


Alternative Energy: Micro Hydro Pros and Cons

Idaho National Laboratory for Resource Assessment

Canyon Hydropower Guide

Micro Hydro Systems Simplified (PDF)