Distributed Solar Solutions

Distributed Solar Solutions is a TVA pilot program designed to encourage renewable energy projects that are directed by our local power company (LPC) partners. Working at a local level, distributed energy solutions help move renewables closer to the customer.

Below are the basic pilot parameters for 2017:

  • Qualifying technology: Solar photovoltaic energy
  • Project size range:  Greater than 50kW and up to 2 MW
  • Capacity offering: 10 MW
  • Applicant: An LPC
  • Project Eligibility: To ensure that projects provide benefit to TVA and local power companies, specific project criteria has been established. Please reference the DSS guidelines.

2017 Important Dates


March 1, 2017-March 15, 2017: Distributed Solar Solutions open enrollment period

April 17, 2017: Notification of capacity awards