Buying a New Home

Now’s your best opportunity to make energy efficiency investments that will pay off for a lifetime.

It’s often more cost-effective to make sure the home you build already has all the elements of optimal energy efficiency. Learn about energy efficient home building specs and guidelines, or walk into the home you plan to buy equipped with an energy efficiency checklist.

Homes Built On Site

Build an energy efficient home right from the start. Our EnergyRight Solutions New Homes Program ensures that your home controls heat loss and gain much better than a typically built home. You’ll save money and also stay more comfortable. Plus, this program may qualify you for special financing options and incentives for builders (or home buyers if you act as your own builder).

Manufactured Homes

If you choose a manufactured home, you’ll meet our EnergyRight Solutions Program standards with an electric heat pump (instead of a more costly central electric furnace). Here’s what you need to know.

Near-Zero Energy Homes

Built with the eventual goal of producing as much energy as they consume, near-zero energy homes incorporate the most advanced energy efficiency features for heating and cooling, lighting, exterior and insulation, exterior, roofing and solar power. With EnergyRight Solutions Programs, we offer assistance and incentives that help you attain a near-zero energy home.

Take the Next Step

Contact your local power company to see if rebates are available in your area.