Choosing to use energy wisely is a winning proposition for every company, and financial incentives are available to help you make the transition to a more energy-conscious facility.

When qualifying companies make an investment in energy savings through EnergyRight Solutions for Business + Industry, they may qualify for an incentive payment that will offset some of their costs. These incentives are available for companies that partner with TVA to make smart energy decisions.

For all projects, the application process will be business as usual. However, for the few applications with incentive amounts greater than $100,000, TVA will work with you to determine an incentive offer that ensures consistent funding is available for all projects of all sizes. Incentives are determined after pre-inspection and communicated in the Application Approval Notice letter.

Types of Incentives

Incentives can help to offset the cost of implementing more efficient technology, reduce the project-payback period and also help business and industrial facilities to realize energy savings sooner. Approval processes are used to manage incentive budget limitations, eligibility, participation and energy savings occurring in the program. (The incentives are not designed to subsidize a company that has the ability to overcome internal financial barriers through the energy savings alone.)

Standard Incentives

Standard Incentives are open to ALL commercial and industrial participants meeting the eligibility criteria and funding availability. Incentives are available for energy conscious measures that involve an upgrade or specific equipment replacement.

Custom Incentives

Custom Incentives are open to ALL commercial and industrial participants meeting the eligibility criteria. With incentives, the program offers unbiased, reliable technical assistance and information to help identify custom facility and process electric savings opportunities.

  Non Pre-Approval
Program Rule Limited HVAC Equipment** Food Service, Lighting,
Refrigeration and Misc.
(i.e. Chillers, Compressed
Air, BMS, etc.)
Incentive Minimum
(per site)
$500 $500 $1000
Incentive Cap – 70% 70% of total materials 70% of total materials 70% of total materials and engineering/design
Pre-Approval Required No Yes Yes
Pre and Post Inspections Post only Yes Yes
Invoice Submission Timeline 60 days from purchase and installation 30 days from installation 30 days from installation
Incentive Rate is up to $0.10/kWh Tiered incentive rate/unit Tiered incentive rate/unit Incentive Rate is up to $0.10/kWh

 ** NOTE:  All projects (with the exception of fuel-switching projects) must have a utility payback period greater than or equal to two years. The amount of incentive to be paid will be adjusted as appropriate if TVA determines such amount will cause the utility payback period to be less than two years.

Get Started

Two types of financial assistance—Standard and Custom Incentives—are available to help reduce the cost of implementing more energy-efficient equipment. These incentives are offered through participating Local Power Companies in partnership with TVA. Click here to begin Online Application.


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