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In business and industry, using energy wisely saves money, conserves natural resources and can even give you a competitive advantage.

It can also earn you incentives along with advice from TVA’s energy experts.

Companies rely on a number of systems and technologies to drive their business. From lighting and HVAC systems to office equipment and industrial processes, we offer guidance and tips on improving your energy use—and thereby saving money.

Heating + Cooling

A significant portion of any business’s energy usage goes to heating, cooling and ventilation. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to get your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system running as efficiently as possible.


Have you taken a look at the electricity bill for your business or plant recently? About a third of the cost likely comes from lighting. The good news is you can reduce those costs by around half with more energy efficient fixtures that produce better quality light.


Increasing energy efficiency in business and industry isn’t just about lighting, heating, cooling and industrial processes—there are also computers, copiers, vending machines, water coolers, refrigerators and all manner of things that get plugged into the wall.

Preferred Partner Energy Calculator User Manual

The Preferred Partner Energy Calculator (PPEC) is used by the Preferred Partner Network to estimate energy savings from updating existing equipment in customer facilities. Find out more about it.

Business Energy Advisor

Learn about managing energy costs for a variety of business types and technologies. You'll also find a number of useful tools and calculators to help reduce energy costs. See the Business Energy Advisor


Get Started

Two types of financial assistance—Standard and Custom Incentives—are available to help reduce the cost of implementing more energy-efficient equipment. These incentives are offered through participating Local Power Companies in partnership with TVA. Click here to begin Online Application.


Find a Contractor

Improving energy efficiency at your business or industrial facility can be a complex endeavor. Get peace of mind that the project will be done right when you hire a contractor through our Preferred Partners Network (PPN).


Choosing to use energy wisely is a winning proposition for every company, and financial incentives are available to help you make the transition to a more energy-conscious facility.

Need More Help?

Call on us. TVA is a rich source of technical expertise and can help you take a holistic look at your operation to find every energy-saving opportunity.