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In business and industry, using energy wisely saves money, conserves natural resources and can even give you a competitive advantage.

Every company relies on a number of systems and technologies to run their business. And now more than ever, electricity is emerging as the fuel of choice to drive everything from lighting and HVAC systems to commercial kitchen equipment and industrial processes. We’re energy experts, and offer guidance and tips designed to help you improve your energy use and productivity.

The energy marketplace is evolving, and so too is EnergyRight solutions. Now that energy efficiency is standard practice, we are looking for new ways to incentivize the wise use of energy. New electric technologies are emerging that will benefit any company seeking to improve product quality, lower carbon footprint, boost employee safety and enhance brand reputation. We want to help you find the electric solutions that are right for you.

Look for new information and industry guides in the near future.

Heating + Cooling

A significant portion of any business’s energy usage goes to heating, cooling and ventilation. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to get your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system running as efficiently as possible.


Have you taken a look at the electricity bill for your business or plant recently? About a third of the cost likely comes from lighting. The good news is you can reduce those costs by around half with more energy efficient fixtures that produce better quality light.

Industrial Processes

For industrial plants and operations, energy efficiency isn’t just a nicety—it can be key to longevity and maintaining competitive advantage.

Kitchen Equipment

If your business has a commercial kitchen, EnergyRight Solutions for Business + Industry can help you identify energy solutions that may help you to lower operational costs by improving efficiencies, maintenance or product losses.

Electric Forklifts

Not only will you experience lower operating costs, maintenance costs and emissions, but you can receive a $2,000 incentive to replace internal combustion Class 4 and Class 5 forklifts with electric Class 1 or Class 2 forklifts.

Business Energy Advisor

Learn about managing energy costs for a variety of business types and technologies. You'll also find a number of useful tools and calculators to help you reduce your energy costs. See the Business Energy Advisor


Pick a PPN Member as Your Program Expert Guide

Ready to address energy opportunities within your facility? Each application submitted to EnergyRight Solutions requires the participation of a Preferred Partner Network member. Search our online PPN member database by location, technology or company name to find a match that’s right for you.

EnergyRight Incentives

Energy efficiency is now standard business practice. Where do you go next for savings that can give you a competitive edge? Investing in emerging electric technologies can reduce your carbon footprint, increase productivity, enhance brand image and improve your bottom line. EnergyRight Solutions now offers incentives for efficiency and electrification measures. Click here to learn more about our incentives.

Want More Information?

Want to know more details, or understand what to expect? Click here to learn more about how the incentive process works, and read our guidelines, terms and conditions.

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