Electric Forklift Program

Power up with cash incentives for replacing your internal combustion forklift with an electric equivalent.

Electric forklifts have lower operating costs, lower emissions, less maintenance and quieter operation. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) incentivizes the replacement of internal combustion forklifts with electric powered forklifts. Incentives are available for a limited time for the replacement of internal combustion forklifts with electric-powered forklifts. You can receive a $2,000 incentive when you make the switch.

Replacing Existing Forklifts?

TVA’s EnergyRight® Solutions Electric Forklift Program will provide a $2,000 incentive per forklift to replace internal combustion Class 4 (cushion tire) and Class 5 (pneumatic tire) forklifts with electric powered Class 1 (counterbalance) or Class 2 (narrow aisle) forklifts.

Purchasing New Forklifts?

A $2,000 incentive is available for the purchase or lease of a new Class 1 or Class 2 electric forklift instead of the purchase or lease of a Class 4 or Class 5 internal combustion forklift.

Operational Criteria

Applicant must purchase or lease a new electric forklift and have it remain operational at the site for a minimum of the following to receive the incentive:

  • Two years if operating at a 3-shift per day operation
  • Three years if operating at a 2-shift per day operation
  • Five years if operating at a 1-shift per day operation

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Contact your Local Power Company or an Electric Forklift Program representative by calling toll-free (866) 233-0450, or send an email to electric.forklift@tva.gov.

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Application Process

Complete the incentive application and follow these easy steps:

Step Duration
Submit incentive application 2-3 weeks
Participant receives incentive offer
Participant signs and returns incentive offer Up to 2 weeks
Forklift is delivered and begins operation Up to 12 weeks
Participant submits completion paperwork
On-site inspection, as required. Incentive is processed and check is sent 2-4 weeks

Note: Durations are approximate

Forklift Resources

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) offers an e-learning tool to help you decide if electric forklifts are right for your business or check out the lift truck cost comparison calculator.

Forklifts for the Future

HEXPOL Compounding of Jonesborough, Tenn., makes a $4,000 incentive from EnergyRight Solutions part of its environmental responsibility plan. "The switch has made a fairly major impact in reduced emissions," says Steve Young, maintenance manager. Read more.

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