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Our EnergyRight programs let your company make smart energy choices while enhancing your bottom line. Whether you want to make your business more energy-efficient, save money or demonstrate your commitment to the environment by conserving natural resources, we make it easy with expert guidance, incentives for the installation of efficient equipment and more.

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Explore TVA’s energy-efficiency guidance for lighting, heating, cooling, office equipment and industrial processes as well as targeted advice for specialized industries.

Electric Forklift Program

Not only will you experience lower operating costs, maintenance costs and emissions, but you can receive a $2,000 incentive to replace internal combustion Class 4 and Class 5 forklifts with electric Class 1 or Class 2 forklifts.

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Two types of financial assistance—Standard and Custom Incentives—are available to help reduce the cost of implementing more energy-efficient equipment. These incentives are offered through participating Local Power Companies in partnership with TVA. Click here to begin Online Application.

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Improving energy efficiency at your business or industrial facility can be a complex endeavor. Get peace of mind that the project will be done right when you hire a contractor through our Preferred Partners Network (PPN).

Technical Resource Manual

For more information regarding TVA energy efficiency savings estimates and assumptions please see the TVA Technical Resource Manual.
Technical Resource Manual 2017 Version 5
Technical Resource Manual 2016 Version 4
Technical Resource Manual 2015 Version 3


Choosing to use energy wisely is a winning proposition for every company, and financial incentives are available to help you make the transition to a more energy-conscious facility.

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Call on us. TVA is a rich source of technical expertise and can help you take a holistic look at your operation to find every energy-saving opportunity.

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Join the Preferred Partners Network

Are you a licensed contractor who's interested in joining the Preferred Partners Network? Here are all the resources you'll need to apply for inclusion in the program, which is sponsored by TVA and its local power companies.