What's the Point?

Sophisticated 3D images based on millions of data points save time, money and injury risk for plants across the Valley. Here's how TVA's crew of surveying specialists are bringing the latest technology to support daily operations. 

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Winter Weather Saving Strategies

As the temperature drops and cold winter weather rules, your heating system is working hard to keep you comfortable. Don't worry—you can take steps to keep yourself cozy and save money despite the frigid weather.

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Celebrate Guntersville Dam's 80th Anniversary!

Come with us on a virtual tour that will take you deep inside the dam, show you how it works and let you appreciate its unique confluence of raw power and architectural beauty.

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TVA manages 16,200 miles of transmission line to deliver 99.999% reliability. Learn about rights of way, new transmission projects and how to interconnect with our system.

Our Power System

TVA’s diverse power portfolio is ever changing. But here’s a guide to our classic powerhouses: coal, natural gas, nuclear, hydropower and renewables such as solar, wind and biogas.

Technology Innovations

TVA is working to meet future demand for cleaner, leaner power by developing innovative technologies that will help us generate and use electricity in ways that are more renewable and efficient than ever before.

Valley Renewable Energy

Whether you’re a homeowner, small business entrepreneur or larger-scale developer, we offer a spectrum of programs that provide incentives and technical support for you to develop your own renewable energy projects.

Supporting Startups

To help TVA keep innovating, we've joined the Electric Power Research Institute and other utilities to work with energy-related startups engaged in addressing the power system needs of the future. Through Incubatenergy® Labs, we are seeking to support startups focused on distributed energy resource integration, electric mobility, digitalization, workforce issues, customer engagement and  resilience. These are encouraged to submit an application through https://labs.incubatenergy.org/en/ by January 17, 2020

Tennessee Valley Solar Calculator

Check out our new Tennessee Valley Solar Calculator, which uses regional information to calculate rates, your real investment and system performance to help you decide whether solar is right for you. Also, explore our extensive solar FAQs for up-to-date info on solar systems—what to expect and how to manage them.

Public Power Partnerships

TVA sells its power to 154 individual local power companies, 59 large industrial and institutional customers and 12 surrounding utilities that buy power from TVA off the grid. TVA’s customers serve as its partners—and to a large extent they make us who we are today.

Integrated Resource Plan

TVA's 2019 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is a comprehensive study that provides direction on how to best meet future electricity demand in the changing utility marketplace.