Product Development

We don’t just match sites we make them. TVA's Product Development Team works with its regional and local community partners to identify buildings that might be repurposed for business and industrial use, or parcels of land that might make suitable industrial sites or business parks.

It’s their job to assist communities, regions and TVA partners throughout the TVA’s seven-state region in identifying viable existing and/or developing new industrial sites, and in identifying buildings capable of meeting the stringent requirements of today’s technologically advanced users.

Bill Adams

Senior Target Market Specialist
Product Development
(615) 289-1835

image of bess hubbard

Bess Hubbard

Product Development Consultant
Product Development
(615) 232-6851

TVA Site Selector

Need help finding just the right home for your company within TVA’s seven-state region? Let our Site Selector suite of tools help. With Site Selector, you’ll be able to search 2,000 available job sites in our GIS database, get key demographic information about subregions inside the Valley, access an assortment of maps and learn much more about the benefits TVA Economic Development offers.

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