Our Team

At TVA Economic Development, we have an array of specialists to help you with your precise needs. You can always reach us through our general contact routes: Call us at (615) 232-6225 or email us at econdev@tva.gov.

Corporate Managers

Thinking big? Need multiple areas of help? Reach out to TVA Economic Development’s Corporate Managers, who will gladly assemble a team to meet your needs.

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John Bradley

Senior Vice President
Economic Development
(615) 232-6051

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Heidi Smith

General Manager
Global Business
(615) 232-6556

Stephen Surles

Senior Manager
Economic Investments
(615) 232-6707

Jessica Breaux

Jessica Breaux

Field Operations
(615) 232-6007


Jennifer Patterson

Investment Credit Program
(615) 232-6150


Spencer Sessions

Economic Development Services
(615) 232-6160

TVA Site Selector

Need help finding just the right home for your company within TVA’s seven-state region? Let our Site Selector suite of tools help. With Site Selector, you’ll be able to search 2,000 available job sites in our GIS database, get key demographic information about subregions inside the Valley, access an assortment of maps and learn much more about the benefits TVA Economic Development offers.

Why wait? Get started today.

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