Why Join TVA?

The answer is simple. You join TVA because you want to know that your efforts will be helping serve others.

At TVA, the focus isn’t on the bottom line—it’s on making the Tennessee Valley more economically prosperous, ensuring the viability of our natural resources and producing electricity as affordably and reliably as possible.

Our mission is your mission—we want to ensure a better future for one of the most vibrant and scenic areas of the country. Come join us.

Our Culture

Service drives everything we do. Our diverse culture at TVA promotes the highest standards of safety, integrity, collaboration and accountability.

Diversity + Inclusion

TVA values diversity—it makes us stronger. That's why we actively recruit employees from all race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, ability/disability, religion and age backgrounds.

Benefits + Quality of Life

To care for the well-being of you and your family, we offer quality healthcare, insurance and retirement benefits, along with a great quality of life.


Serving the people of the Tennessee Valley to generate a better life for generations to come.

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