Volunteering at TVA

Want to make a difference to the Tennessee Valley region? Volunteer at TVA and be part of our mission of service.

Any way you slice it, our mission comes down to three Es: energy, environment and economic development. What ties them together? Our dedication to stewardship, to not just providing services, but going beyond to truly care for our region—for the 293,000 acres of public land that has been entrusted to us, for the 9 million residents who depend on us for reliable power, for the seven states and countless communities that turn to us to help stoke the engines of their economies.

We don’t do it alone. We do what we do in conjunction with strong partners throughout the Valley, be they elected officials, interested organizations or simply community members who care for this place and time as much as we do.

Do you count yourself among their number? There are many ways to volunteer and get involved at TVA, to be a part of the Valley's unfolding success story.

Volunteer Form for Natural and Cultural Resources

Eager to get started? This form will let you sign up for TVA Natural and Cultural Resource volunteer opportunities that range from archaeology to conservation education and from trail maintenance to fish and wildlife education. Click here for more information, or here to get the volunteer form.

Current Opportunities for Involvement

Adopt a TVA Trail

TVA manages more than 30 public trails (150 miles) along the Tennessee River and its tributaries and on reservoir lands. You can help us by protecting and monitoring the trails to instill a legacy of conservation.

Adopt a Spot

The Adopt a Spot program will allow adopters to assist Natural Resources staff by providing information on trails or backcountry informal recreation site conditions. You'll need to visit your spot four times a year, and submit a report after each trip.

Thousand Eyes Archaeological Site Stewardship Program

TVA’s Thousand Eyes Archaeological Site Stewardship Program is an outreach program that trains volunteers to help federal and state agencies with monitoring and protecting archaeological sites in the Tennessee Valley.

Event: 250K Tree Day

In support of the Tennessee Environmental Council's 250,000 Tree Day, we are calling for volunteers to help us plant native hardwood trees on TVA public land near Emmett Elementary School in Bristol, Tenn., on February 24 from 9:00 a.m. to noon. The area was once dominated by kudzu, an invasive plant that outcompetes native vegetation; hardwood seedlings will restore a natural landscape, fight soil erosion and provide wildlife habitat. We will meet at Emmett Elementary, located at 753 Emmett Rd., Bristol. Participants should dress warmly and wear boots and gloves. TVA will provide tools. Should bad weather occur, we will reschedule for March 3. For more information call (423) 467-3806, or email rashort@tva.gov.

Coming Up: Weed Wrangles in Muscle Shoals and Chattanooga

Kudzu views got you down? Join your fellow citizen volunteers and help round up invasive and nuisance plant species in Weed Wrangles® at the Whitey Hall Memorial Native Garden Trail on the Muscle Shoals Reservation in Muscle Shoals, Ala., on Saturday, March 3, 2018; or at TVA's Big Ridge Small Wild Area near Chickamauga Dam in Chattanooga, Tenn., on Saturday, March 17, 2018. Click here to learn more about these events.