How TVA Changed Lives

WATCH! On the occasion of TVA’s 85th anniversary, early employee Halie Forstner, 107, recalls how TVA changed lives and spread prosperity to one of the poorest places in the nation.

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Take Your Family on a Valley Vacation!

TVA’s dams provide hydropower, flood control, water quality, navigation and ample water supply for the Tennessee Valley. Did you know that they also supply summertime fun? Take a staycation you’ll never forget!

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Our Man on the Outside

This TVA watershed representative is passionate about birdwatching, hunting, fishing and hiking—and making sure TVA lands are preserved for others to enjoy those pursuits, too.

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Tennessee Valley Uncharted

Take a journey through the Tennessee Valley as hosts Erick Baker and Ariel Nicole explore its unique natural wonders, urban secrets, recreation destinations and hidden gems on the new series Tennessee Valley Uncharted.

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