Got Power? Thank a Lineman!

It’s a job that takes dedication, guts, skill and and a single-minded focus on one purpose: To bring power to all parts of the Tennessee Valley. For a job well done, TVA salutes its linemen!

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The Big Picture

From TVA’s generation assets to its reservoirs, switchyards, public lands, office building, dams, locks and more, this bright-minded surveyor is ever in search of new and better ways to keep an eye on it all.

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Help Us Pick up the Plastic for Earth Day

From bottles to bags to boots, plastic is a menace in the Tennessee River system. This year, Earth Day is devoted to ending plastic pollution. Join us for one of our annual cleanup events and do your part to keep our waters clean!

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Tennessee Valley Uncharted

Take a journey through the Tennessee Valley as hosts Erick Baker and Ariel Nicole explore its unique natural wonders, urban secrets, recreation destinations and hidden gems on the new series Tennessee Valley Uncharted.

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