From War Machine to World-Class Whitewater

When Ocoee Dam No. 3 was built to meet wartime energy needs wartime, it was thought there would be little recreational interest in the project. Flash forward fifty years, and you get an Olympic whitewater course.

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Watts Bar Unit 2: What It Means for You

Achieving commercial operation of Watts Bar Nuclear Plant’s Unit 2 was a major achievement for TVA, and a smart investment for every energy consumer in the Tennessee Valley. Here’s why.

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Grateful for the Mission

TVA employees give thanks for the opportunity to serve the nine million people of the Tennessee Valley, and to make their communities better places to live, work and play.

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Due to continuing dry conditions, TVA has issued a burn ban on all of the public lands, recreation areas and facility reservations it manages. Campfires, barbeques, smoking and any other flame producing activities are prohibited. In addition, several TVA-managed public sites in the highest-danger zones have been closed to protect the public. See a list of the affected areas.

The Unified Development of the Tennessee River plan stressed TVA was to provide flood control, navigation and electricity for the region. TVAs dams are tangible evidence of its primary mission: improving life in the Tennessee Valley. We’re celebrating the 80th anniversary of the plan with a yearlong look at 25 dams it inspired.