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Questionnaire to Regional Council Members

Pre-Meeting Questionnaire

The March meeting of the Council will be largely an orientation and organizational meeting. However, we’d like to leave the meeting with a clear sense of what happens next. Please take a few minutes to answer these questions and e-mail your responses to [Sandy Hill] or fax them to 865/632-3146. We’ll tabulate the responses and present a summary during the March meeting. This should help speed up decisionmaking about topics and meeting schedule. We’ll also try to respond to information requests before or during the meeting.


1) What issues/topics do you want the Council to address over the next few months?


2) What’s your priority? Please indicate your priority by distributing 100 points between the topics you identified above. You can distribute your points anyway you want, with the items that have the highest priority given the most points. Please put a circle around the points (so they don’t get confused with other numbering), e.g., 5 .


3) What issues or questions do you have about how the Council members will work together?


4) What materials do you need for the March Council meeting?


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