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Regional Resource Stewardship Council
Subcommittee Recommendations and TVA Responses

During its first two-year term, the Regional Resource Stewardship Council’s four subcommittees drew up policy recommendations that were submitted to the TVA Board of directors. Those recommendations and the Board’s responses are presented here.

Recommendations Dated May 18, 2001
Recommendations on River System Management
Recommendations on Management of Public Lands
Recommendations on Management of Aquatic Plants

TVA Response (Oct. 23, 2001)
TVA Response (Oct. 23, 2001)
TVA Response (Oct. 23, 2001)

Recommendations Dated August 29, 2001
Recommendations on Navigation Responsibilities
Recommendations on Water Quality Monitoring, Watershed Improvement Process, and Reservoir Releases Improvement
Recommendations on Transmission Line Rights-of-Way and Campgrounds

TVA Response (Jan. 30, 2002)

Recommendations Dated October 26, 2001
Recommendations on Improving Biodiversity
Addendum to River System Management Recommendations

TVA Response (June 11, 2002)

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