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Letter to Regional Council Members

September 1, 2000

Regional Council Members:

Enclosed is the draft agenda for the Thursday, September 21, Regional Council meeting in Chattanooga. Field tours begin the morning of Wednesday, September 20, and continue the morning of Friday, September 22.

This is just a draft agenda intended to refresh our memories about the requests and guidance we gave TVA at the last meeting for the September meeting. A final agenda that incorporates your observations or other requests will be mailed out to you at the end of next week.

Please note that there will not be a tour of aquatic weed areas. Most of the weeds are now removed in the area that could be reached within comfortable driving distance of the Chattanooga area. However, there may be an addition to the agenda that presents a briefing on weeds that will include dramatic photos of aquatic weeds in specific areas of the river. I have talked with Miles Mennell, who was the primary requester of a field tour of aquatic weeds, and she is comfortable with this alternative either at this meeting or at a later date.

Also, as you review the agenda you will see that the TVA staff is testing the idea of spreading the field tour to the day after the Council meeting in order to better accommodate individual schedules. If you have a preference other than the time you are scheduled on the agenda, please contact Sandra Hill.

I look forward to seeing all of you September 20, 21, and 22.

Eddie L. Smith, Jr.

cc: Subcommittee members (with draft agenda)


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