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Citizen Advisory Group Submits Recommendations to TVA Board

News Release

May 25, 2001 — The Regional Resource Stewardship Council, a Federal Advisory Committee created to advise TVA on the management of natural resources in the Tennessee Valley, has submitted its first recommendations to the TVA Board of Directors.

The recommendations came from the Council’s Water Quality, Integrated River Management, and Public Lands subcommittees. The council approved the recommendations and agreed to submit them to the TVA Board at its meeting in Knoxville on May 18.

Recommendations from the Water Quality Subcommittee address aquatic plant management policy on Tennessee River reservoirs; the Integrated River Management Subcommittee recommended a new study of reservoir operations policies and how delayed drawdowns of tributary reservoirs would impact water quality, navigation, recreation, and flood control downstream; and the recommendations of the Public Lands Subcommittee address stewardship funding and stakeholder relations policy.

The TVA Board will review the Council’s recommendations and submit a written response in addition to discussing them with the Council. The dates for response and discussion have not been set.

For additional information, contact the Council chair or the subcommittee chairs:
• Bruce Shupp, Council Chair, 334-272-9530
• Ann Coulter, Public Lands Subcommittee Chair, 423-265-3700
• Roger Bedford, Integrated River Management Subcommittee Chair, 256-332-2880
• Jimmy Barnett, Water Quality Subcommittee chair, 256-389-2000

View the text of the recommendations here.

For additional information, contact TVA Media Relations, Knoxville (865-632-6000).


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