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Navigation Infrastructure Subcommittee

Policy Recommendation on TVA’s Navigation Responsibilities
and Issues on the Tennessee River System

Approved by the Regional Resource Stewardship Council on August 29, 2001

The Navigation Infrastructure Subcommittee concludes that to maintain and build navigational assets for the Tennessee Valley for the good of the region and nation, it is imperative that an integrated river system be maintained at the highest level of effectiveness.

It further concludes that TVA, in accordance with its original core mission, has done and should continue to do an efficient and creditable job of managing its water resources and navigation functions.

Therefore, the subcommittee makes the following recommendations to the full Regional Resource Stewardship Council that:
• TVA continue its integrated management of the Tennessee River system.
• Navigation infrastructure be maintained and improved in order to continue operations at optimal levels.
• The system is in immediate jeopardy due to the need for a new replacement lock at Chickamauga Dam. Replacement of the lock is a priority.
• TVA fully support the lock addition project at Kentucky Dam.
• The Regional Resource Stewardship Council strongly advocate the use of federal funds to maintain and improve the Tennessee Waterway system.
• Necessary funding be provided in an equitable and timely manner.
• TVA continue its strategic partnerships with other federal agencies to ensure continuity of operation and maintenance of the Tennessee River system and explore additional funding opportunities.
• The economic costs and benefits of an increased minimum navigation channel depth be evaluated. This should be part of any comprehensive analysis of operational changes to the multiple-purpose river system.

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