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Letter From Council Chair

The following letter accompanied the subcommittee policy recommendations forwarded to TVA after the Regional Council’s meeting on August 29, 2001.


September 5, 2001

Ms. Kate Jackson, Executive Vice President
TVA, River Systems Operations & Environment
400 West Summit Hill Drive, WT11A
Knoxville, Tennessee 37902-1499

Dear Kate,

Enclosed for TVA Board of Directors review, comment and approval are six policy recommendations that the Regional Resource Stewardship Council approved at its meeting on August 29th at Guntersville State Park. The Council would appreciate a response by the Board at our October 26, 2001 meeting at Lake Barkley State Park, Cadiz, Kentucky.

As before, Council and the hardworking sub-committees that prepared these recommendations welcomes criticism, questions and requests for specificity. We hope either Glenn McCullough or Skila Harris can attend the October 26th meeting. They both did a great job at the Guntersville meeting. We appreciate their dedication, intellect and spirit.


(Original signed by)
Bruce D. Shupp



Cc (w/ enclosures):
Regional Resource Stewardship Council Members
Gary Brock
Bridgett Ellis
Janet Herrin
Sandra Hill
Forrest Rich
John Shipp
Ann Wright
Barry Walton
Dave Wahus (TVA Facilitator)