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Recreation Documents

Easement Templates

The documents below should give you a good idea of what an easement to use TVA land will include. However, remember these are only examples.  They show what an easement for use of TVA land will typically include.  Should you apply for and receive a commercial recreation easement from TVA, your agreement will likely be different in some respects and will likely contain conditions not included in the examples. For example, your agreement could include specific environmental conditions (e.g. protection of a wetland area) that are unique to your specific easement area or could require a performance bond if major construction is proposed on the easement area. The details of your particular agreement will be determined after an environmental and programmatic review. Please discuss any questions you have with the TVA Recreation Agreement Specialist for your area.

Easement Template for a Marina and Campground on TVA land

Easement Template for a Campground on TVA Land

Easement Template for a Marina on TVA Land

Example Payment Table for Recreation

Easement Template for Public Recreation

Security Assurance Documents

Security assurance provides payment to TVA in three situations:

  1. to pay rent in the event licensee fails to make payment.
  2. to defray expenses associated with site cleanup if licensee leaves materials and structures on property after termination.
  3. to defray expenses associated with restoring TVA property if damages occur when licensee removes structures, equipment, and any other items from the site.

TVA completes an assessment of commercial operations to determine the amount of security assurance necessary to ensure adequate payment to TVA in these situations.  The required amount is the sum of six month’s rent plus an amount that reflects the condition of facilities based upon that assessment.

Below are:

Frequently asked questions (Adobe PDF, 402kb)

Editable copy of the form Letter of Credit (Word DOC, 37kb)

TVA’s credit evaluation materials (Adobe PDF, 59kb)

Annual Operating Plan

These documents are intended to aid you in preparing your Annual Operating Plan and Evacuation Plan. Reference your agreement with TVA as to what your agreement and facility requires and when the items are due. Annual Operating Plans and Evacuation Plans for campgrounds on TVA property are required to be submitted by March 16 of each year. TVA has provided guidelines for both documents and examples.

True-up Payment Documents

These documents are to assist holders of commercial recreation licenses in making the yearly “true-up” payments which are due April 30. A true-up payment is only required for those license holders on the percentage of gross revenues payment method. Below is a document that answers the frequently asked questions. In addition is a pdf version and an editable version of the TVA Annual Gross Revenue Summary Sheet. If you have questions, please call or email your TVA representative.

True Up Payment Questions and Answers (pdf)

TVA Annual Gross Revenue Sheet (pdf)

TVA Annual Gross Revenue Sheet (Excel DOC)

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