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Melton Hill Dam Campground


TVA is seeking proposals from qualified candidates to operate and maintain TVA’s Campground at Melton Hill Dam in Loudon County, Tennessee. The deadline for proposal submission is 4 p.m. November 10, 2014.

The selected operator will be granted a concessionaire agreement for 5 years to operate and manage the Melton Hill Dam Campground.


Melton Hill Dam Campground is upstream of Melton Hill Dam on the south bank.   The site has a 10 to 15% slope and three roads tiered up the hillside.

The campground contains 33 campsites with water and electric hookups and 8 additional sites with water, electric and sewer hookups.  Three of these sites meet ADA guidelines.  Thirteen additional sites have no amenities; nine of which are tent only water front sites.  The facility has 2 bathhouses with showers and a sewage dump station. The area and facilities are identified on the site map.

Aerial Map of Melton Hill Dam Recreation Area
Aerial Map of Melton Hill Dam Recreation Area (Expanded View)
Rent Rates for Melton Hill Dam Campground

Concessionaire Responsibilities

The selected Concessionaire will completely manage the campground on TVA’s behalf and pay all related operational expenses not specifically excluded in writing in this document or in the Concessionaire Agreement.  The responsibilities include:

  1. Mowing grass regularly in campground and associated day-use area.
  2. Trash/Litter pickup and disposal for campground and associated day-use area. Trash/Litter for campground and associated day-use area goes in Concessionaire provided dumpster.  Concessionaire will establish their own trash disposal contract directly with a waste management company. If trash disposal charges exceed $6,000 individually for Pickwick or Cherokee or $4,000 individually for Douglas Headwater, Douglas Tailwater, or Melton Hill (Watauga has no associated day-use area), then TVA and Concessionaire will review this issue to determine whether TVA may be willing to pay the excess or handle the trash/litter disposal charges for the associated day-use areas.
  3. Campsite fee collection and refunds if necessary.
  4. Enforcement of length of stay and other campground rules.
  5. Calling TVA Police for any problems in campground or associated day-use area.
  6. Picking up tree limbs and disposal for campground area. TVA will fell any identified danger trees or high limbs, and Concessionaire will cut up tree once on the ground, handle disposal or use as firewood, and clean up the site.  TVA will handle all aspects of danger tree removal and cleanup on associated day-use areas.
  7. Providing expendable restrooms supplies at campground (e.g., toilet paper, soap, trash bags, light bulbs, flush valves, all general type items) and installing such items.  For the associated day-use areas, TVA will supply a certain amount of expendable items on a routine schedule and the Concessionaire will install as needed.   TVA provided supplies should not be used for campground facilities as those are to be provided by Concessionaire. TVA and Concessionaire may need to further refine this arrangement as the term progresses based upon specific site conditions.
  8. Cleaning and stocking restrooms at campground and the public restrooms at the associated day-use areas at least twice daily.
  9. Repair and replacement of toilets, sinks, urinals, faucets, cracked mirrors, partition walls, tiles, doors, ventilation fans, hand dryers, water heaters, and associated pipes, wires, and equipment in the campground restrooms up to $5,000 annually per campground.  Replace with similar type fixtures. These items are not eligible for TVA improvement or Concessionaire Match projects as shown in Table 2. Reference also Appendix A.  Once Concessionaire provides documents proving that $5,000 has been spent on a campground restroom during one calendar year on the specific items listed above, TVA will assume additional repair and replacement work.  Concessionaire will need to coordinate with TVA before spending more than $5000 as TVA may elect to do the work itself or reimburse the Concessionaire for such work.  Concessionaire will document and track expenses.  TVA will handle and pay for the above items for public restrooms and other facilities on the associated day-use areas. For public restrooms at associated day-use areas, Concessionaires only clean and stock, but do not provide major repairs and replacement of items.
  10. Furnish materials for and repair electrical hookups at individual campsites using licensed electrician.  TVA handles any electrical work at associated day-use areas.
  11. Paying for and handling one septic tank(s) pumping per Calendar Year as needed for the campground.  TVA would handle additional pumpings if needed and for all septic pumping for the associated day-use areas.
  12. Managing reservations and reservation system if provided by Concessionaire.
  13. Operation of camp store and washroom if provided by Concessionaire.
  14. Maintain a website with information (e.g., campground map, rates, location, contacts, other) about each campground (TVA will work with Concessionaire to properly use TVA logo).
  15. Dewatering lines in the campground as needed during winter/campground closure to prevent freezing.  TVA will handle closure of associated day-use areas, if necessary.

Concessionaire will pay for all materials, labor, and equipment associated with its responsibilities under items 1 to 15 above from its revenues (unless excepted above).

The Concessionaire will not be allowed to charge for the use of the facilities such as the boat ramp, beach, and public restrooms that are not part of the campground.  For clarity, the maps also identify the boundaries of certain day-use areas and other operational areas on the dam reservations for which TVA will maintain complete responsibility and the Concessionaire will not be involved.  Table 3 also summarizes the responsibilities and shows the number of facilities.

Prospectus for Proposals

Construction Activities

TVA must review and approve, in writing, all construction and other ground-disturbing activities within the campground, on the shoreline, and/or in the adjacent waters. The agreement holder will be responsible to reimburse TVA for any administrative costs associated with the review and peer agency consultation process.

TVA approval is not required for routine maintenance activities, such as clearing brush, trimming tree limbs, and physical facility maintenance. All construction activities within the easement or lease area must be conducted according to all applicable state, federal, and local laws.

Questions should be sent to:

Russell D. Smith
Tennessee Valley Authority
400 West Summit Hill Drive
Knoxville, Tennessee 37902-1401
(865) 632-2436

TVA’s Environmental Information Center

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