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Reservoir operations policy: Learn how TVA manages the flow of water through the Tennessee River system and how that affects your reservoir’s elevation.

Reservoir information: Get detailed information about individual reservoirs, including observed and predicted elevations and releases at TVA dams, reservoir operating guides, dissolved oxygen improvements, fish population survey results, and more.

Rainfall and stream flows: Get the latest information on daily rainfall and stream flows across the Valley.

Recreation release schedules: View the 2007 schedule for water releases for rafting, kayaking, and canoeing below these TVA dams: Apalachia, Ocoee No. 1, Ocoee No. 2, Ocoee No. 3, Norris, Watauga/Wilbur, and Tims Ford.

Map of TVA reservoirs and power plants: Our interactive map is your guide to the entire TVA power system, including fossil and nuclear plants, dams and reservoirs, and visitor centers. You’ll find fascinating details on each facility and learn how they work together for the purposes of power supply, river management, and economic development.

Water supply FAQs: Get answers to frequently asked questions about obtaining a water intake permit, improving water quality around intakes, interbasin transfers, and more. TVA’s got a web site just for kids! Learn about how TVA makes electricity, reduces flood damage, protects wildlife, and lots more. There’s a section for teachers, too.

TVA Heritage: Read about the people who founded TVA, shaped its purpose, and built its power plants. TVA Heritage offers fascinating glimpses of the agency’s 73-year history.

Native plant selector: TVA’s online plant selector can help Tennessee Valley residents determine the best native plants to use for landscaping. The plant selector includes information and color photos of plants suitable for specific locations, such as the water’s edge, and specific goals, such as attracting wildlife.




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