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Labor Day weekend marks the start of the unrestricted drawdown

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An undiscovered treasure: The Tennessee River Gorge

Wetland thrives in downtown Chattanooga

Keep an eye out for ospreys

Underwater cutter: A weed management alternative

In answer to your question about water temperatures

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august 2006


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TVA's 2004-2005 Environmental Report


TVA’s latest Environmental Report, which looks at TVA’s environmental performance for the two-year period of 2004-2005, is now available online. The report covers TVA’s successes and challenges in improving air and water quality, providing renewable energy sources, and protecting shoreline and wildlife resources. It also highlights key developments in reservoir operations and watershed initiatives during the past two years.

Updated information on the health of TVA-managed reservoirs also is available on TVA’s Reservoir Ratings page. View 2005 monitoring results for these reservoirs:

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